The arbitrage betting strategy is one of the most well known in the sports betting online industry. Although there are many tutorials and written comments regarding arbitrage betting, in fact it is very difficult to put in place, mainly because it the concept very theoretical. Probably you have already heard about the arbitrage betting, Sure Bets, etc. The arbitrage betting is a strategy that involves betting on two or three bookmakers, where its coefficient is so high that you always win your bet, independently of the end result. In order to know the best bookmakers to use,  you can see our website. Your gains with arbitrage betting will be relatively low, around 1% up to 5%, which means that for each £100 bet, the bookies payout will be £1 up to £5.

How to use the arbitrage betting strategy

Lets imagine what we have a Team A and a Team B and the following odds in a specific bookmaker:

Team A winning – 3.75

Draw – 3.40

Team B winning – 1.80

In order for you to win the bet, independently of the end result, we would have to use the following formula:

1/3.75 + 1/3.40 + 1/1.80 = number under 1;

Whenever a value is under 1, we consider to do an arbitrage bet.

However, the bookmakers great majority have this link always between 7% up to 15% betting profits, which means that most of times the end result of our formula will be between 1.07 and 1.15. In the previous example the obtained result is .27 + .29 + .56 = 1.12, meaning the bookmaker profit will be 12%.

Specifying the previous odds as being from the bookmaker A and that the bookmaker B is offering a 2.50 odd for Team B to win the match. Your calculations must now be .27 + .29 + .40 = .96 which means you can win 4% for each £100 you bet, getting always £4 independently of the end result.


How to calculate the betting value for each result?

Now you already know how to calculate an arbitrage bet, it is time to understand how to calculate the betting value for each possible result, in order to get a perfect arbitrage:

(1 / odd) * payout % (in our exampe 100% + 4% ou 1.04) * betting value (in our example £100);

Therefore, we would have 1/3.75 * 1.04 * 100 = £28.08 on Team A winning, 1/3.40 * 1.04 * 100 = £30.16 on draw, and 1/2.50 * 1.04 * 100 = £41.60 on Team B winning.

To summarize, you would have to bet £28.08 on Team A, £30.16 on the draw and £41.60 on Team B, having as an objective to win £4 independently of the match end result. As you might have notice, the gains are low and that happens because the arbitrage betting values, are usually pretty high. If we consider a general bet of £1000, it would be possible to get £40 independently of the match end result. Find a Sure Bet is in fact a very hard task, as mentioned in other betting tutorials.

If you wish, you can also apply this arbitrage strategy on Betfair’s for and against bets, for instance, where there are only two odds and the calculation process is quite simple. If you choose this option, we recommend the following arbitrage betting type: more/less goals, spread points, etc. The calculations are exactly the same, nevertheless, since there arr only two odds, the process is much easier.


Keep in mind that performing arbitrage betting  is always a risk. Bookmakers are constantly changing the matches’ odds and it is always a risk to make an arbitrage. Many websites promote Sure Bets and arbitrages, however, most have outdated calculations, therefore be aware of this fact. Besides, any bookmaker have the right to cancel bets at any time, arguing it was a system error or an odd error, therefore, pay attention to these details before making a sports bet. Additionally, if you don’t have a bankroll relatively large and the capacity to bet thousands of pounds, you will struggle to get high incomes with arbitrage betting.