Betfair is certainly one of the best Bookmakers in the entire world, if not the best. Considered by many the Bookmakers’ queen, Betfair is a betting exchange that allows you to bet back and lay on all sport and events.

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The Betfair working model is based on a back and lay betting method, making it into an exchange betting home in real time. At Betfair, players bet back and lay for certain results, but in fact they bet back and lay for each other. While in a traditional Bookmaker each player bet against the Bookmaker it self, at Betfair you bet against other bettors.

With a different mindset from all other bookmakers in this industry, Betfair presents a £100 bonus at the first sign in. You only have to place a Sportsbook bet, with a minimum £5 stake and within 24 hours Betfair will offer a free bet equal to the value of your qualifying bet up to £100.

UK represents Betfair’s main market, where Horse racing or Football are highlighted sports and therefore Betfair absolutely dominates them. Additionally, at Betfair you can find almost every event and sport recognized worldwide, with odds well above average, since who does this odds are the own bettors. The company follows a win-win business model, which means that when a bettor wins a bet, Betfair gets a small fee over the profit. Therefore, Betfair’s main objective is to ensure bettors win as many times as possible. One of the Betfair’s main features is the fact that this Bookmaker is not a regular sports betting online home, it is a betting exchange.

What is a betting exchange? Basically Betfair works as a betting stock market, where bettors bet back and lay for a specific result, whereas some win over profits and other win over loses of the opponents. All this correlates with appropriate liability fees.

Betfair has nowadays several million clients and, proving its amazing work, won a Queen’s Award for companies, related to the Innovation category in 2003 and again in 2008 for the International Trade segment. The Queen’s Award is assigned by the Queen, on the Prime Minister recommendation, and after a depth evaluation of the Trade and Industry Department. Besides this, Betfair sponsors several events, such as, the World Snooker European Tour in the 2012-2013 season.

Back and Lay bet at Betfair

Back and Lay bet

When you bet “back” (it can be a team, a player, a horse or any other game element), you are betting for it to win. Therefore betting “back”  is exactly the same method as betting in a traditional Bookmaker. When you bet “lay”, you are betting for it not to win. For example, if you are betting in the team that will win the Premier League and you are betting lay the Manchester United, if the team wins, you lose the bet. This is what Bookmakers typically do. If you are betting through Betfair, even the company knowing who is on each side of all bets, you will never know who you are betting against. In any case, your privacy and your bets confidentiality are assured by Betfair Insurance website. By betting on Betfair, you are betting against other bettors, whereas Betfair only gets a small fee from who wins the bet (between 2%-5%).

Choose your odds

If you intend better odds than the currently available in the market,  you can make a bet offer at a better price. However, notice that if its price is not realistic, probably your bet will be declined. Be aware that the odds available often improve near the events’ beginning, as the interest and the market activity increase. If you bet and define an odd higher than Betfair’s, if the market has liquidity it is possible for your bet to be matched.

Who is behind Betfair?

Betfair was created in August 1999 by Andrew Blakc and Edward Wray to trade betting technology developed in the previous year. The technology used by Betfair is company’s property, and besides that is secured by copyright and has a patent secured in several jurisdictions. Betfair has, therefore, several markets available, including the famous Betfair Poker, one of the best online casino worldwide, virtual games and many other options. Betfair is available also in several currencies, formats and languages.


Website Interface

The Betfair website interface is slightly different from what other Bookmakers use. This is because Betfair is a betting exchange home and not exactly a traditional Bookmaker. At Betfair bettors bet against each other, whereas Betfair only gets a small commission from who wins the bet (between 2%-5%) over the bettors wins. However, Betfair website interface strives in usability and navigability, being extremely simple to use, even for beginners and/or players that never had the chance to live a bet experience in a betting exchange home, where the objective is to buy and sell bets in certain results/ events. The Website usability is extraordinary, with all menus work very easily and intuitively, allowing bettors to get on sections, games and events they wish by making only a few clicks.

On the left side you can find the navigation menu, that allows you a fast access to any sort of sport and all odds’ coupons. On the center there are highlighted games and events, where bettors can bet immediately on the page center, without having to look for games in the respective sports category. The Betfair website is one of the most evolved in all online sports betting industry and a benchmark in its domain.

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Payments 9.5/10
Website 10/10
Register Bonus 9.0/10
Quickness 10/10
Support 10/10
Offer diversity 10/10
Odds 10/10
Languages 10/10
Final grade 9.5/10

Considered by many the best bookmaker in the world, Betfair is a true experience in sports betting online, as for beginners as for expert bettors. At the beginning, Betfair format may seem quite complex, for offering bets for and against, however in fact the website and its  betting system is extremely simple and intuitive.

Football bets

The Football betting market is probably one of Betfair’s strengths, probably because Betfair originated in Britain. Therefore, it is possible to find at Betfair betting options for almost everything related to national and international football games, from the main European and Worldwide championships, to lower divisions and less known championships. All great European Leagues are present at Betfair, and having in mind that Betfair is a betting exchange home, frequently it is possible to find better odds on Betfair than in other Bookmakers. This happens because by betting on Betfair you don’t bet against a Bookmaker but against other bettors, which turns the odds values around 20% higher than in a traditional Bookmaker.

In terms of Football Betfair includes all main European Leagues, from the UK to Italy, Spain, Germany, Portugal and so on, offering coupon odds not only for the most relevant championship games, but also for lower divisions. In certain leagues it is possible to bet on 5 different lower divisions, which proves the diversity and the wide range of betting solutions on Bertfair. If your strength is Football betting, Betfair is without any dough one of the Bookmakers with the widest range of options above the market average.

Horse Racing bets

Similarly to football bets, Betfair is extremely strong concerning betting market in horse racing. In fact, Betfair is the mother of horse racing, offering dozens of races on a daily basis, something that doesn’t happen in any other Bookmaker. Additionally, the great majority of horse racing on Betfair can ascend to more than £800 thousands in bets liquidity, which proves the enormous potential of this sport. For who looks forward to bet on horse racing, Betfair is by far the best solution in the market, having a huge range of statistics and platforms specialized in Jockeys and Horses analysis present in most races.

Other Betfair advantage on Horse racing is the chance of finding dozens of different races on a daily basis, besides the major races and the European and Worldwide championships, allowing Betfair to have a huge range of options for who is a fan and looks for Horse races. As in Football, Betfair presents in almost all other sports odds above the market average, which makes Horse racing even more appealing to beginners and expert bettors.

Bets in other sports

Betfair is also specialized in many other sports, offering betting coupons to sports such as Handball, Basketball, Boxing, Cycling, Motorsport (Formula 1, MotoGP, GP2, etc.), Golf, Tennis and many others. Additionally, Betfair presents for each market sport several coupons for the main European and World tournaments/ events, but also bets on secondary and/or less known events. For instance, bets on Tennis are one of the strongest markets in Betfair, also with amazing betting opportunities not only on the level of the major ATP tournaments, but also on less relevant events, where there are numerous chances to make money on betting.

Therefore, it is possible use Betfair to bet on almost all major worldwide sports competitions, being also possible to find bets related with Politics, in a market increasingly popular for the bookmakers.

Betfair Bonus

Betfair offers nowadays one of the most impressive bonus of the market, more specifically £100. You only need to place a Sportsbook (Fixed Odds) minimum £5 bet at odds of at least 1.2 within 30 days of opening your account. Within 24 hours of your bet being accepted, you will get an amazing free bet equal to the value of your qualifying bet up to £100. Besides this bonus, you can still win other bonus presented on a daily basis on Betfair website, or suggest Betfair to any friend. For each new player you refer to Betfair you can earn free bet rewards within 72 hrs of your friend joining. You can introduce friends to Betfair, for instance, through E-mail or Twitter.

Contact Betfair

In terms of support, Betfair is one of the market pioneers, offering a first class service in several languages. To call you can use the following numbers:

  • UK: 0844 871 0000
  • Ireland: 1800 944 000
  • Australia: 1300 238 324
  • International: 0044 203 059 8888

You can also send questions directly to Betfair E-mail, which they will attempt to answer within 4 hours during Helpdesk hours, through the following E-mail addresses:

Telephone lines and Helpdesk work 24/7 from 3pm to 5am (Beijing time).

Deposit/ Withdrawals methods

Regarding deposits and withdrawals methods, Betfair is also one of the most serious and professional companies in the market, presenting a wide range of betting options for almost every taste. All methods available at Betfair where developed to provide the best experience possible for each player. Most available methods don’t charge any sort of fee over the amount deposited, and its minimum value depends on the method you select, varying from £5 to £12. In order to deposit your funds you can use the following available methods:

  • Credit Cards (Visa and MasterCard)
  • Debit Cards (Visa, Delta, Solo and Maestro)
  • Paypal
  • Neteller
  • Click and Buy
  • Bank Transfer Express
  • Bank Transfer
  • Western Union
  • Cheques

Regarding withdrawals Betfair also has several methods available, which almost all don’t charge any fee. The Betfair processing withdrawals period is also one of the lowest and the most liable in the market. To withdrawals you funds you can use the following available methods:

  • Credit Cards (Visa and MasterCard)
  • Debit Cards (Visa, Delta, Solo and Maestro)
  • Paypal
  • Neteller
  • Bank Transfer Express
  • Bank Transfer
  • Cheques

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