After presenting the Martingale Method and the Arbitrage betting strategy, it is time to talk about other betting strategies, namely the ones concerning Football (Half-Time/Full-Time). This strategy is, whiteout a doubt, extremely exciting, mainly because you will win your bets sooner or latter, as long as you remain loyal to this strategy. This method is much functional in high scale competitions that do not last long, such as the World championships, the American Cup, the European Football Championship, and many other. This method is a Martingale’s variation applied in HF/FT.

The Strategy

The logic behind this strategy is quite simple. You must choose a team that is able to come back from a negative result at half-time. Usually, it is required to analyse previous statistics and look for teams that tend to turn around the results at the half-time period. In a perfect scenario, you should choose a Team that is able to bend results regularly during tournaments or even during the football season and remain loyal to this team until the season/ tournament ends. It is very important for you to keep loyal to this team till the end, otherwise your strategy may not work as you wish. Thus method also applies to the Football Leagues, as long as you remain loyal to one team only. Depending on the team type you choose (Top 4/ tournament favourite, a team that usually finishes tournaments or an outsider), your odds should vary between 19 up to 30 in most common bookmakers.

The Stake

This strategy is based on patience and mainly on gathering several consecutive losing bets. On this bases, you can choose a stake for betting (read the tutorial “How to manage your betting bankroll?“), using the amount you feel comfortable, for instance, a £1 bet on the Real Madrid team.

By choosing a team as stronger as Real Madrid, this will give you better chances of having faster winning bets, as the same time the odds will drop drastically, equally as your profits.

Strategy in place

The season starts and we begin betting with a £1 Stake, plus all the money lost in the previous rounds from the previous season. Once one bet is won, we resume betting only a £1 stake, not adding past losses.

We bet on Real Madrid in the first round 1£ for the team to be losing at half-time, but to bend the result and win at the end of the match. Our bet is lost, however in the second round we bet again on the same result, however this time with a £2 bet. By losing again the bet, at the third round we bet £3 on the same betting type. The process is quite simple.

As the rounds go by, your betting amount rises gradually, as well as your losses. For instance, if Real Madrid only turns around at the 23rd championship round we would face the following scenario:

  • Round 1 – £1.00
  • Round 2 – £2.00
  • Round 3 – £3.00
  • ….
  • Round 23 – £23.00

Having in mind that odds for a bend on the 23rd round are £19.00, the amount to receive from the bookmaker is 437.00£. The total investment placed on bets until the 23rd round is about £1 + £2 + £3 + … + £22, which sums £276.00.

Profits will reach £437.00 – £276.00 =£161.00. This profit is gained in 23 consecutive rounds and having in mind that these rounds take long time, ideally you should use this method in tournaments or championships that occur in short periods of time, such as the World Championship or the American Cup, where the National Teams turn around results more frequently and in a short period of time.


Although in the previous example a £161.00 profit does not represents a high payback for a 23 rounds waiting period, the truth is that the Stake value was not much high. Still, have in mind that by increasing the bet value, in a long-term, you are automatically increasing your losing chances. Lets see the following example, if our initial Stake was set at £5:

£5.00 + £10.00 + £15.00…. + £115.00 = £1380.00 invested until the 23rd round. The profit would than be  £115.00 x 19 = £2185.00 – £1380.00 = £805.00

The investment is without a doubt this method riskiest feature. In order to get some profit, you need to make a long-shot investment, always hoping and waiting for your team to turn around a set of less well succeeded matches. For example, in the 2011/2012 season, Real Madrid turned a negative result over Maiorca at the 19th championship round, after being losing at the end of half-time period by 1-0. After that, Madrid turned around the negative result and ended up winning the match by 2-1. The same took place on the Spanish Cup, at home against Málaga. After losing over 0-2 at the half-time, the Real Madrid would end up winning by 3-2.

As the mentioned examples, you can find many more. In order to apply this method, you need to analyse some available football data, to identify which teams tend to bend negative results at the half-time, then choosing one and, finally, continuously bet online throughout the season to gain interesting profits, as soon as a in a match a team bend a negative result at the half-time. The key to this method is for sure patience and prudence.

This strategy can also be performed on live matches, specially when are following them and when a certain team gets at the half-time losing. At that time, you should bet on the result turn around, avoiding investing lots of money in matches that some team will certainly win or lose, and therefore betting at the half-time or at the end of the match will not happen. Nevertheless, be aware that, in this method the odds’ values are pretty low

Enjoy your bets!