Horse racing is one of the markets that more money move in the sports betting online industry. There are several Horse Racing markets, however before betting on any race, you need to understand the market basics, in order to bet accurately. More than in any other sport, Horse Racing is controlled by statistics, therefore, having access to relevant statistical data gives you a huge advantage from other less experienced bettors in this market.

Understanding and reading previous data is, in fact, a way to control races. As well as in Tennis, players fell more comfortable in specific courts, horses also prefer to race in certain floors or distances. The Jockey (person who stands on the horse) is also a crucial factor in Horse Racing, since it performs more than one race in a single day using different horses. Jockeys are also experts in some distances and, even the perfect combination of matching a “super” horse with an outstanding jockey may not be enough to succeed.

There are two bookmakers which standout to bet on Horse Racing, by present amazing betting solutions in many markets: Betfair, which is well known for moving lots of money on Horse Racing every single year, and Bet365 that also offers a wide range of Horse Racing betting alternatives, specially for the common bettors, which intend to understand how does the Horse Racing industry works, and how to get advantage of this market.

Betting on Horse Racing

Lets start by recommend TimeForm Betfair’s website, where you may find all last years race results. Generally, while speaking about Horse racing we will refer to the British market, since it moves the more money in this industry and, therefore, it is most reliable. In order to place your online bets on Horse Racing, take advantage of Betfair’s bonus up to £25 and also Bet365.

TimeForm Betfair

This is the website interface which you will have to be familiar with, if you want to find the best horse racing betting online. In this website, besides finding all data related to racing, you will also have access to the previews base for all races, even live reports, and much more options. To proceed to what you are most interested, you must click on the “Cards & Results” option. In this section your great adventure at this new world will begin. Has you may notice in the following image, only on the day this article was written there were available more than 56 different races, only in the UK in 6 different racecourses.

Cards & Results Ffos Las

Studying a race

In order to properly analyze a Horse Race you should be ready almost 3 hours in advance. For this reason, we choose a race in the Ffos Las racecourse at 16:05. Keep in mind that betting without being prepared can obviously lead to a poor outcome, not only for our bankroll, but also in terms of what a good horse race may look like and/or where to put your money. Therefore, when betting on Horse Racing, make sure you have 3 hours to properly study the race in order to bet consistently and logically.

Ffos Las

When you enter into a race card, lots of important and imperative information appear for a proper race analysis. One of the first details you must notice is the race distance. There are races from 5f up to 3m5f. The tracks’ distances depends on the competitions and racecourses, but there are tracks from 800 meters up to 4000 meters in speed races of specific events. The distances mentioned in “m” and “f” are presented in miles.

The fastest horses (sprinters) usually run from 5f up to 1m1f. Races up to 2m4f are for the called “Milers” horses, and above that the races, which have obstacles, are for much more resistant and tougher horses, therefore, these races usually are very long and we don’t recommend you to bet on the live market, since the chances for a horse to fall are pretty high and you will lose the bet.

Studying horses

In the image bellow you can find a TimeForm, which is a basic preview based on the horses recent performance. In the same image you can activate optional items that will give you more quality data. In the item “Timeform” you can find a small text that presents how the last races went for the different horses and in the “Recent form” you can find all data required to analyze the race your about to bet on (see below):

Ffos Las horses 1-2-3

In the image above, you can find the three favourits to win. With odds varying from 2.94 up to 5.9, these horses are the ones that with a careful analysis will have better chances to win. Lets analyze the horses:

  • Favoured Nation – This horse is in second based on its previous races performance. This is a Irish horse that probably is fresh since it last race was at the Uttoxeter racecourse on July 13th. It is a horse used to long distances and finished first on the its last race.
  • Battlecry – It is a horse used to long distances however its comes from a long break period. It ran in this same track on July 12nd, being third at that time.
  • Fairwood Massini – In the last races this horse wasn’t moved from one racecourse to another, it has been kept at the Perth racecourse, where it found a ground where it feels comfortable in. By keeping the same jockey the couple showed pretty consistent results, mainly in the last 2 races, where it achieved first and second places.

After this overview at TimeForm, it is time to bet. We consider that it is worth to bet on the Fairwood Massini and Favoured Nation horses. The first because it has been improving its performance, it is always close to wining and it is going to run with the same jockey of the previous races. Used to long distances we truly believe this is a real candidate to win. Regarding the second choice, this is a horse that looks for a win to confirm its good form. Concerning the Battlecry horse, we consider the wining odd too high, therefore, we don’t consider it as a strong bet.

Given this, your analysis is done and we only have to wait for the race previous 5 minutes to check if the odds will have significant changes. The final result is clearly the most important considering horse racing. In fact, for betting on horse racing you need to be patience enough to achieve good results. Hitting 50% of your previews gives you pretty good profits, therefore, don’t give up at the first trial. In this specific case, there are 3 possible results:

  • Fairwood Massini win: 100 * 5.1 -100 – 100 = £310 profit
  • Favoured Nation win: 100 * 2.94 -100 -100 =£94 profit
  • Ganhar qualquer outro cavalo: £200 loss

This race final result proves that analyzing the race previous to the race start has it payback.

Ffos Las race final results

We get a £310 profit, since Fairwood Massini won the race. Unfortunately, the Favoured Nation, one of our favoutites to win, fell which can be quite common on horse racing. While the Battlecry, one of the Timeform 1-2-3 guesses, was pulled out.

Enjoy your bets!