Start by choosing the Leagues where favourites win most times. This gives you the chance to develop a strategy around strongest teams and the ones you know best. Analyse collected data carefully. Choose Leagues where few draws happens, cutting out immediately a 33% odd of loosing your bet. Draws are usually a way for you to loose money, specially for those who bet on singular winnings.

Choose Leagues where you can find a high average of goals, assuring common bets Over 2,5 and Over 3,5. There are Leagues where goals are most frequent the entire season.

Bet frequently in the home team. The presented research shows you the Leagues where home teams win most frequently. The “home” factor is often crucial in online sports betting.

Always know teams’ schedule

Always know if the team in which you bet is going to have European competitions, derbies, tough games, etc. in the following days. Besides existing players’ unconscious savings, the coach team can also save some team stars.

Follow odds variations

Great ups and downs may indicate variable’s changes, for which the pick should be re-analysed. This information can be checked on Online Betting Guides (OLBG), a site that presents detailed data concerning bets and that may be used also by players that bet online poker. You can use this site or similar sites to increase your winning chances.

When a “great” don’t win a match, you must think of betting on the next one

Besides rare exceptions, great teams don’t lose two matches in a row. Due to fans pressure, to locker room directions or simply by the risk of loosing the race for the championship, it rarely happens.

Always look for clubs’ data on their sites or in international forums

Features such as motivation, last minute injuries, starting players, travelling time that the team who play out-of-home was exposed to and many other facts, can only be followed through these sources. Besides, people from the in matter country regularlyhave an established point of view regarding each match than the foreign ones. Take advantage and visit our website to keep updated, as the same time you follow all football games live.

Why thinking in betting on Asian handicaps?

Many people still don’t use these type of bets and some bookmakers still don’t make it available, however this type of bet is increasingly considered extremely important. How many times didn’t you bet because, although considering that a team could win, it was also possible it could draw? With the Asian, in case of draw at least some part of the stake amount will be returned, and even in some specific cases all funds are returned. However, for a complete explanation regarding Asian Handicaps you can check for this article Asian handicaps available on our website.

How to know if the odd is in a reasonable interval or not?

By crossing data concerning home team that will be hosting the game and data regarding guest team, we can get to an odd basis. If we assume that the hosting in the last 10 games has a global score of 6-3-1 and the guest team has 2-3-5 out, will have:

Hosting team winning: 6 + 5 = 11 in 20 matches = 55%

Draw: 3 + 3=6 in 20 matches = 15%

Guest team winning: 1 + 2 =3 in 20 matches = 15%

The method is based on adding accordingly results, meaning, the number of hosting winnings with the guest team defeats.

Odds would than be 1,8; 3,3; 6,65

If we find odds above this value, than probably it is best for you to take it.

Of course that you can make this numbers vary, giving different values to winnings, depending on the opponents classification. You can also use the h2h as an odd modeler factor. In order to bet in Asian Handicaps, we highly recommend the Bet365, Betfair and Dhoze websites, that typically offers excellent odds for almost all events.