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Heinz Barmettler

Heinz Barmettler - Cibao FC

Full name Heinz Barmettler
Birthday 21/07/1987 - 31 years old
Nationality Dominican Republic Dominican Republic
Position Defesa
Club Cibao FC
Market value 500.000,00€

Seasons History

FC-Zürich FC Zurich2006/07170
FC-Zürich FC Zurich2007/08210
FC-Zürich FC Zurich2008/09310
FC-Zürich FC Zurich2009/10210
FC-Zürich FC Zurich2010/1140
FC-Zürich FC Zurich2011/12180
Inter-Baku-PIK Inter Baku PIK2012/1330
FC_Vaduz FC Vaduz2012/1300

Individual awards

None so far.
Cibao FC
  • Country: Dominican Repub...
  • City:
  • Stadium:
  • Establishment:

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