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Michel Bastos

Michel Bastos - São Paulo

Full name Michel Bastos
Birthday 02/08/1983 - 35 years old
Nationality Brazil Brazil
Position Avançado
Club São Paulo
Market value 4.000.000,00€

Seasons History

Excelsior Excelsior2002/03320
atleticoparanaense Atlético Paranaense2003/04100
gremio Grêmio2004/05194
figueirense Figueirense2005/063510
lille Lille2006/07345
lille Lille2007/08388
lille Lille2008/094116
lyon Lyon2009/105716
lyon Lyon2010/11388
lyon Lyon2011/12437
lyon Lyon2012/13145
schalke04 Schalke 042012/13165
schalke04 Schalke 042013/1400

Individual awards

None so far.
São Paulo
  • Country: Brazil
  • City: São Paulo
  • Stadium: Morumbi
  • Establishment: 1930

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