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The Sports Betting Pro website offers a wide range of advertising models, where any company our business group is able to acquire product or service articles, as long as properly fitted on the website addressed subjects. The Sports Betting Pro website collected data is designed exclusively for advertisement maintenance and existing blog content, not being used for any other purpose.

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The Sports Betting Pro readers have total freedom of speech to express their needs, wishes, doubts or critics, and should always do it accordingly with the blog Comments Policy. The Sports Betting Pro Website readers may also join mailing services to receive tips and coaching via e-mail or by subscribing RSS Feeds.

Subscribers data processing intends exclusively to the purposes mentioned above and always in compliance with the established standards. To find out more information about this, please check out the Sports Betting Pro Terms & Conditions.

Services offered to business and readers

  • High quality articles regarding online sports betting technical domains
  • Consulting and advertisement services that intend to provide a high profitability
  • Mailing communication services
  • Other

The collected data is the appropriate, pertinent and non excessive regarding the scope, purpose and services explicit and legitimate of the Sports Betting Pro website.

The Sports Betting Pro website adopted technical and organizational measures to assure personal data security, avoiding its change, lost and unauthorized access, based on the technology available and storage data nature and the risks they are exposed to. All the mentioned are in compliance to the EU Directive 2002/58/CE and other security control procedures for IT systems.


By pressing on the “Subscribe” button, on the Newsletter or RSS Feeds subscription, the Company or the Person expressly and unmistakably agrees for its personal data to be processed, accordingly to the Sports Betting Pro website services offered. As well as, regarding Third Parties data transfer, concerning services compliance (with the constraints specified at the “Privacy Control” item). As “Third Parties”, should be understood the entities that use the Sports Betting Pro services for the advertising selection and/or products promotions via e-mail marketing.

Mailing communication services

The Sports Betting Pro website offers multiple subscription services in its blog, which establish automatic mechanisms for contents restricted selected. The users, if they wish, they can disable this service free and with no effortlessly. For that, users should access the e-mail and in the concerned reports should ask for the service disable by pressing on the “unsubscribe” button. Thereby, you can disable the service by following the given instructions in the subscription disable page.

The Sports Betting Pro sends to its subscribers, that previous authorized this action, the following mailing communications:

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  • News: The Sports Betting Pro news, its knowledge tools and purposes and other information considered interesting for the users.

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In the Sports Betting Pro website we use cookies to store data, such as the personal preferences when you visit our site. This may include a simple popup, a connection to several services we provide, such as discussion forums. The Google uses the DART cookie to offer advertising based on your interests, in your visit to our website and to others web addresses. You may choose not to use the DART cookie visiting the Google Ad advertising website and the company’s program policies.


Additionally, we also use third parties advertising in our Sports Betting Pro website to support the maintenance costs. Some of these adds, may use cookies and/or beacons technology when the advertise in our website, which allows these advertisers (such as Google through the Google AdSense) to receive also your personal information, namely your IP address, your ISP, your browser, etc. This function is generally used for geotargeting (such as, for instance, showing London advertising only for readers which originated in the UK) or present adds directed to a specific type of user (such as, for instance, show a restaurant add for readers from London)

You have all on your power to disable your cookies, in your browser options or by making changes in your Antivirus software, such as the Norton Internet Security. However, this may influence the way you interact with our blog, and with other blogs. This may affect or not allow you to log in programs, sites or forums in our network or in any other.

Privacy control

The Sports Betting website doesn’t publishes any data related to Companies and/or Readers except the Company’s name or individual that publishes in our website contents. The contacts are based on electronic mail, whereas any contacts with Companies or Individuals will always be done via e-mail. The users accepts cookies and IPs segments to be used. Our website traffic analyzer uses cookies and IPs segments that allow us to recognize data for statistical effects: the first visit shutdown, the number of visits, the last visit shutdown, the URL and the internet domain, the explorer used and the screen resolution. Nevertheless, the user may disable and /or eliminate the cookies, by following the internet explorer instructions.

Revogation, Opossition, Access, Correction, Update and Data cancelation rights

The company has the right to remove contracted adds, therefore, removing all your personal data attached to it. In order to do it, you should contact the Sports Betting Pro website to ask for the wanted adds removal. Thus, the company may revoke your consent at any moment for good cause, but may not be attributed retroactive effects.

These rights may be effective through the own website page configuration. In case of any problem to online effective resolution, as well as, for any doubt or controversy, that regards our data privacy policy, you may contact directly the following e-mail: email -at-

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The personal data treatment and communication send via electronic mailing is adjusted to the EU Directive 2002/58/CE .