Gambling is extremely exiting, however you need to be careful about how you do it. Online betting should be seen as a entertainment and never as an obsession and/or as a way to find the impossible. Responsible betting is crucial for a psychic and mental health, since it can become a serious pathological problem, with extremely adverse outlines at all levels. Many players that lose the reality check, end up wasting money which in fact they don’t have, facing future irreversible issues.

The gambling alone is addictive, therefore you need to be responsible when gambling. On the contrary to what it may seem, the gambling may be an addiction as the Alcohol abuse or Drogues, for which it is you need to keep control of your actions and most above all look for help as soon as possible, whenever you fell crossing the common sense barrier, damaging your life and probably also your closest ones. To help you setting boundaries and guides in therms of sports betting and supporting you to follow the responsible gambling principles, we suggest you some strategies which, when put into practice, avoid addiction problems and promote the gambling fun.

  • Manage properly your betting bankroll, by establishing a monthly fixed betting value
  • Never default your duties because of gambling
  • Define the specific betting values and also a win and loss maximum limits
  • Never take advantage of the gambling while unconscious, under the influence of alcohol or any other drug
  • Gamble with moderation and thoughtfully
  • Never try to double your bet to recover what you already lost

Support for compulsive gamblers

There are many different national and international institutions working in the Responsible gambling domain, fully prepared to give advice and support compulsive and addicted gamblers on sports betting. If this is your case, consider to look for support in one of these partners: