After explaining “How to choose a bookmaker” and also “How to manage your betting bankroll“, it is time to talk about some common error in Sports Betting and which strategies to avoid these errors when you bet online. Sports Betting errors occur often, mainly to beginners that don’t use or know bets’ basic rules. While making previews is certainly a great and positive starting point, it is crucial to keep in mind that there is a set of other important features you need to be aware when betting and managing your betting bankroll, transforming your results as amazing as possible. Most bettors tend not to follow betting basic rules, and therefore, a a high percentage ends up losing money. If your objective is to make money with sports betting, keep in mind the presented most common errors and the best way to overcome it and win with your guesses.

Betting on your favourite Team

Independently if your favourite Team, the truth is that most bettors tend to strongly bet on their favourite club, without looking to odds, far less analyse matches without being biased. Whether you are a Manchester, Chelsea or a Liverpool fan, it is relevant to understand that betting on your favourite Team is usually a bad guess. When betting on sports, your choices must be unbiased,  analyzing matches correctly and truly understand the betting value is. Whenever an inexperienced bettor puts a high percentage of its bankroll on its most loved team, it is making a serious mistake in terms of bankroll management and mainly regarding betting opportunities management.

Although it is possible to bet on your favourite team, consider to analyse in detail the match, the teams’ shape, last matches performance, statistics and other crucial data to understand before betting on any club, tournament or race. If you don’t it, your winning chances will be very small, even betting on your most loved team!

Betting on unknown sports

Although, a low odd means that there is a clear favourite to win a match, in fact, if you bet on very low odds, the risk is tremendous. For instance, if we imagine that Real Madrid has a 1.05 odd to win at home a specific match, if we bet £100 in their win and at the end of the match they won, profits will be only about £5, whether we are risking £100, and in case of loosing, we will struggle to recover it. Surprises may happen in all matches, championships and tournaments, therefore, when betting, keep always in mind these facts, in order to avoid at all betting on coupons that don’t have any value and/or are not good betting opportunities. Many bettors make the mistake of betting on low odds, mostly on live and ongoing matches and end up pretty bad. If you can, avoid doing it.

Betting on your favourite

Teams such as Real Madrid, Barcelona, Manchester United, Milan, etc., are generally favourite to win any match they play on their domestic Leagues. However, favourites have usually low odds, that do not justify either the investment or the risk (see the previous item). If you intend to bet on your favourite team, in order to reduce risk of loss we recommend you to place multiple bets, with a reduced initial investment. By combining several favourites’ results, you will get an accumulated odd much more interesting, which will allow you to make more money if all selected favourites win their respective matches. Many inexperienced bettors make the mistake of betting on their most loved teams, forgetting that even they sometimes fail. When a favourite fails, the investments recover is very painful.

Recover a loss

Another error that often occurs in the sports betting is the attempt to recover losses. When a bettor loses a bet, usually, he attempts to recover some money right in the next moment. When there is no judgement and emotional control, this type of error makes bettors to stake on matches they don’t know and/ or didn’t properly analyse, which causes even higher losses. For instance, the Martingale Method, is a studied method for dealing with situations in a calculated manner, however always with emotional control over bets and the betting bankroll. If you are going to bet in an attempt to recover a previous loss, you can do it, however, make sure you have all required data and after correctly analyse your next bet. Try to avoid as much as possible recover a loss right on the next minute, betting on a result or in a coupon that may seem quite interesting, but at the end it is not. Betting when you have lost your mind is never a clever solution.

Betting without thinking in your Bankroll

The Bankroll strategies exist because in fact they are very important from the bettor point of view. When you meet management betting system, you know that you shouldn’t bet more than 5%/ 10% bankroll available funds, as for in case of loss, you still have enough money to continue betting and, therefore, recover from these losses. One of the most common errors in sports betting is, in fact, when a bettor consciously places about 30%, 40% or even 80% of its bankroll in a single bet, either because he lost his mind, because he wants to recover a previous loss or because he considers that the bet is infallible and with that he will double its bankroll. Regardless of the reason, you should never bet more than 5%/ 10% of your bankroll funds, unless in very specific cases, such as of you find a Sure Bet.

Betting on Casino or Bingo

Most bookmakers besides offering many sports betting solutions, present Casino and Bingo bets. These betting platforms cross the users account, which allows bettors to stake in each betting category he wishes, without registering a new account. Often, bettors tend to visit Casino and Bingo websites and invest a good part of their bankroll in hazard games, that invariably ends up bad. The major difference between Casino/ Bingo and Sports bets is that the first two are hazard games, while in the second, sports bets, you have to analyse and study your options, which make all the difference in terms of ending result. Therefore, you should avoid as much as possible the hazard games, in order to get positive bets.