After mentioning the Value Bet, it is time to understand how Sure Bet works. A Sure Bet is nothing more than a almost sure winning bet. When there is a huge odds discrepancy simultaneously in different bookmakers, you can create a Sure Bet, so that you can win the bet, independently of the final match result or event specific event.

How to calculate a Sure Bet?

Lets imagine the following scenario at a Premier League match:

Bookmakers Manchester Draw Chelsea
Bet365 1.9 3.1 4.2
Betfair 1.6 3.4 6

Formula to calculate Sure Bet: 1/1.9 + 1/3.4 + 1/6 = 0.987 < 1

Using the previous formula for calculate a Sure Bet, we have a pretty positive final result in this specific scenario. In this example, we can gain a safe profit of £2.45 for any match result. In order to get it, it is necessary to decide any funds to bet on any results. In this case, we would have to bet £100 on Manchester at Bet365, bet £55.80 on Chelsea at Betfair and £31.67 on the draw at Betfair to. Extracting the results, we would have:

  • Results for Manchester win:

Bet365: Profit = 100*(1.9-1) = £90

Betfair: Loss = 55.88 + 31.67 = £87.55

Total profit: 90 – 87.55 = £2,45

  • Results in case of draw

Bet365: Loss = £100

Betfair: Profit =  55,88 * (3.4 -1) – 31,67 = £102.45

Total profit: 102.45 -100 = £2.45

  • Results in case of Chelsea win

Bet365: Loss = £100

Betfair: Profit = 31,67 * (6 -1) -55,88 = £102.45

Total profit: 102.45 -100 = £2.45

The Sure Bets most forcibly be calculated always using 2 or more bookmakers, since bookies apply benefit margins to their odds, which means that it is necessary to find a value between fixed odds between different bookies. Regularly, Sure Bets tend to vary from 0 up to 5% of the bet amount, although in some occasions you might find opportunities from which Sure Bets reach up to 15%, being, nevertheless very difficult to find.

How to find a Sure Bet?

Finding a Sure Bet is not an easy task, and for sure not the simplest think to do. Although being possible to calculate a Sure Bet manually using statistics and the presented formulas above, the truth is that it is quite hard demanding to process as many information, odds and perform the mathematical calculus in a efficient manner, in order to be able to find a safe bet. There are several websites, such as the OddsExchange and the Oddsportal, that offer Sure Bets notification services, but in fact, are not 100% reliable, due to market odds constant fluctuation.

In ideal cases, you can perform a search for account and log in, comparing several bookmakers odds, and, for instance, place all data in a Excel worksheet. Using the previous mentioned formula it is possible to find sometimes variations between several bookies, and, with that, perform safe bets.

Have in mind also that by calculating a Sure Bet you will be automatically moving all your money of a single bookmaker to the other, has we have seen in the previous example. Choose well your bookmaker, in order to not take any risk of working with less safe bookies. We recommend you to check our Bookmakers list, that is constantly updated only with most safe and professional bookmakers of the market, assuring bets and withdrawals reliability.

Sure Bet tips and dangers

In this specific betting strategy, there are always dangers associated and strategies that intend to find safer and more reliable bets. We have previously mention how to find a Sure Bet, being however important to take in consideration some other few aspects ans dangers related to this sports betting online method. Keep in mind:

  • Pay attention to bookmakers rules. Each bookmaker has specific rules for the matches, therefore, you need to have that in consideration when betting in two bookies to get a Sure Bet;
  • Open an account in several bookmakers, in order to benefit from the different odds presented in each one. We recommend you to follow our bookmakers recommended;
  • An internet connection is crucial to bet online in a short period of time and with a strong response. Bookmakers have a 5 up to seconds delay for bets to be validated, for which it is necessary for you to have that also into consideration.
  • Be aware also of bookmakers’ ability to adapt. Many of these companies increase or low their odds relatively quickly, for which if you want to hunt a Sure Bet you need to be faster than them;
  • Always check for bookmakers maximum and minimum amounts, in order to be able to move you funds from one bookmaker to another with a Sure Bet.

Following these basic principle you will be more secure to bet on Sure Bets, minimizing its related dangerous and increasing your odds to succeed

Enjoy your bets!