The Martingale method was created by Casino players, in the XVIII century, and basically works as a betting system that allows you to consecutively double your bet value until you hit one of your bets and start the process all over again from the beginning. In the Martingale method, the bettor begins a series of bets, in which he will double its value until hitting one of these bets, after which he starts the cycle again. Typically, this method was used in game situations with winning odds around 50/50, such as the Casino Roulette. However, this method may also be used in online sports betting, allowing bettors to achieve long term profits.

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The only Martingale’s drawback is the fact that it requires a strong bankroll. In case you lose a relevant bet sequence, you must have enough funds to consecutively double your bets. Lets see the following example for a £2.00 bet on sports betting:

Bet Bet value (£) Result Profit / loss Total
Bet 1 10 Lost -10 -10
Bet 2 20 Lost -20 -30
Bet 3 40 Lost -40 -70
Bet 4 80 Lost -80 -150
Bet 5 160 Lost -160 -310
Bet 6 320 Lost 320 10
Bet 1 10 Won 10 20
Bet 1 10 Won 10 30

As you may notice in the table above, the Martingale method bases on doubling the previous bet value, until you hit a winning bet,  allowing you to recover all your previous losses and start to get profits from the system. Even in a situation where you lost 5 consecutive bets, it is possible to recover your money with a sixth bet, as proven by the table above.

However, it is necessary to be aware of some aspects when using the Martingale method:

  • No system is infallible, as well as Martingale;
  • Most Bookmakers have limits for unique bets, therefore in case of losing several consecutive bets, probably you will not be able to bet the amount you want;
  • You need to have a relatively strong bankroll to succeed using this method.

Keeping that in mind, it is possible to win money with the Martingale method, however you need to have a wised strategy, since your bankroll may disappear quite fast. We recommend you to test first the Martingale Method, by starting with a 1£ bet, giving you greater confidence in future bets and in the method it self.

The following formula allows you to calculate the bets’ value:

Bet value = (P+L) / (Q-1)


P = Previous bets accumulated amount
L = Desired profit
Q = Decimal share

Considering the sixth bet value is 32 tomes higher than the starting value, you must be cautious using the Martingale method, specially because the bets’ values increase pretty fast and a weak bankroll can lead to catastrophic results. Given that, to try betting with this method, you must do it with low betting values in order to adjust your strategy if you need. This method easily be used in other routine sports bets, since all you need to do is to consequently double your first bet. You can even use this method on Football bets.

Enjoy your bets!

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