On the contrary of what it may look like, combined bets are a betting method quite different of the multiple bets. Combined bets are a set of several previews, of one or numerous sports events that will occur. For a combined bet to be accepted, all performed previews must  also be accepted. The profit is calculated using the following formula: W = [(odd 1*odd 2*…*odd n) * betting amount] – betting amount. Combined bets’ great advantage is that adding all different odds of several events or matches, the final odd is often extremely high, which can assure huge profits if you have any luck in your guesses.

In order for you to better understand this concept, lets check for the following football match example:

Assuming you bet £20 for Manchester and Liverpool winning, with odds of 1,45 and 1,55, respectively. If both teams win each match, the profits will be of [(1,45 * 1,55 * £20)-£20] = £24,95.

Different types of combined bets

There are many different types of combined bets, each with specific rules. Depending on the type of combined bet you choose, of course, rules will vary. It is very important for you to keep in mind all the different combined bets offered by the bookmakers, since not all use the same systems or options.

Position bets

Position bets are most commonly used in the racing sports, such as the horse racing, greyhound racing, athletics, Formula 1, MotoGP and even in extreme sports, such as the Surf. Position bets consist in betting on a specific pilot/ competitor that you think it will finish in a specific race position or ranking. Lets see the following usual position bets:

  • Betting £20 in an odd of 1,75 for Michael Schumacher to finish first at the next Formula 1 race event.
  • Betting £20 in an odd of 2,55 for Arsenal to finish the Premier League in the first 3.

System bets

The system bets are basically special combined bets, where you only need to hit a certain number of results to win some money. As it happens with lotteries, it is not necessary to hit all results to gain some profit. Typically, in the system bets you look for the maximum profit possible. On the opposite of other combined pets, in the system bet, there are many different model, each with specific rules. Lets check:

  • Trixie – 4 combined bets on 3 different events, as follows: 3 double and 1 triple. In order to get profits, you should accept at least 2 previews;
  • Patent – 7 combined bets on 3 different events, as follows: 3 simple, 3 double and 1 triple. In order to get profits, you should accept at least 1 preview;
  • Yankee – 11 combined bets on 4 different events, as follows: 6 double, 4 triple and 1 quadruple; In order to get profits, you should hit at least 2 previews;
  • Super Yankee – 26 combined bets on 5 different events, as follows: 10 triple, 5 quadruple and 1 quintuple. In order to get profits, you should hit at least 2 previews.
  • Heinz – 57 combined bets on 6 different events, as follows: 15 double, 20 triple, 15 quadruple, 6 quintuple and 1 sextuple. In order to get profits you should hit at least 2 previews.
  • Super Heinz – 120 combined bets on 7 different events, as follows: 21 double, 35 triple, 53 quadruple, 21 quintuple, 7 sextuple and 1 septuple. In order to get profits, you should hit at least 2 previews.
  • Goliath – 247 combined bets on 8 different events, as follows: 28 double, 56 triple, 70 quadruple, 56 quintuple, 28 sextuple, 8 septuple and 1 eightfold. In order to get profits, you should at least hit 2 previews.

In combined bets, as mentioned before, the profits are calculated by multiplying all previews odds values. However, the own bookmaker, by multiplying all odds, is multiplying also your profit chances. Therefore, the bookies tend to win more money in combined bets than in the simple ones.

A combined bet is a reinvestment of all profits from consecutive events. We suggest you to not making combined bets with more than 4 or 5 possible results, in order to assure a high odd, with low risk involved. Sometimes, the combination of only two previews is enough to trigger your combined bet to high odds, facing a considerable low risk. When sometimes you face a match situation where the event odds are low, combining different odds may generate a pretty high final odd, and therefore, a good opportunity to make money on that same match or event.

Make you own test on combined bets, having always in mind that the most important lesson is to reduce risk and get a final odd really appealing.

Enjoy your bets!